Scientific Committee:

Prof. Akila Sellami Baklouti—University of Sfax, Tunisia

Prof. Bethany Dumas—University of Tennessee, USA

Prof. Edward Finegan—Univerity of Southern California, USA

Prof. Fatima-Zahra Lamrani—University of Mohamed V, Morocco

Prof. Janet Ainsworth—Seattle University, USA

Prof. John Gibbson— Monash University, Australia

Prof. Lawrence Solan—Brooklyn Law School, USA

Prof. Malcolm Coulthard—Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Prof. Mounir Triki—University of Sfax, Tunisia

Prof. Ronald Butters—Duke University, USA

Prof. Sami Jerbi—University of Sfax, Tunisia

Dr. Alison Johnson—University of Leeds, UK

Dr. Fleur van der Houwen—VU  University, The Netherlands

Dr. Frances Rock—Cardiff University-UK

Dr. Iman Laversuch Nick—University of Cologne, Germany

Dr. Krzysztof Kredens—Aston University, UK

Dr. Margaret Naerseen—Immaculata University, USA

Dr. Rui Sousa Silva—University of Porto, Portugal

Dr. Susan Berk-Seligson —Vanderbilt University- USA

Dr. Tim Grant—Aston University, UK

Local Organizing Committee:

Prof. Ronald Butters (consultant)

Prof. Mounir Triki (Chair)                 Prof. Sami Jerbi

Dr. Chokri Smaoui                               Dr. Abdel Raouf Eloumi

Ms. Takoua Becha                                Ms. Mouna Ktata

FLFFA 2014 CFP Reduced

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